Ultra Low Latency Electronic Trading Networks and Financial Managed Services

Feb 2015 – Jul 2017

I was the product owner and dedicated project manager for Telstra’s ultra-low-latency private lines for electronic trading networks. My role catered most specifically to high-frequency trading firms whom I worked with to build the fastest fiber-optic routes connecting stock exchange data centers in the US, Asia, and Australia. Working with the US Sales team, we identified this highly profitable niche market, and I was tasked to manage a team of Solutions Architects, Network Engineers and Vendors to develop world-class low latency private line products in Asia Pacific. I measured sub-sea, backhaul & last-mile circuit latency speeds globally and came up with strategies to increase efficiency (i.e. reduce the number of cross-connects, design custom local access), test new equipment, technology, software and build new dark-fiber infrastructure to penetrate the low-latency market and develop trading route products that gave high frequency traders a strategic speed advantage. I managed the end to end customer experience as well as the service delivery of this product due to the highly competitive, secretive and complex delivery of this product.

In my second year in this role, Telstra quickly became one of the world leaders in low-latency products in Asia-Pacific. I persistently worked to build and maintain a market dominance by working closely with our customers, telecom technologists, infrastructure partners and a global team of engineers to constantly improve the service and develop additional low latency routes. In addition, I put a strong focus on service assurance strategies to develop custom protected circuit designs and back-up paths that would keep our client’s circuits active and fast during sub-sea cable faults or outages as well as proactive communication to retain their business. In total, I delivered over 100 low-latency circuits connecting US Firms into Asia-Pacific and was rewarded with several internal awards and financial bonuses.

“In his role as Global Program Manager, Jay has had the critical role of Service Delivery, which is an essential component of the Account Team as it determines whether we have a happy or unhappy customer. Jay is 100% committed to the role and his invested so much time & energy (sometimes even working through the night) to get services provisioned for the customer in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Jay for any role that utilizes Jay’s Project Management skills or his tenacity in getting the job done.”

Gordon PavichVP Sales, Telstra